Daisy Daisy


Daisy was given away by a family member following the death of her owner (my sister), her two small children and my daughtet had regularly ridden and cared for Daisy and miss her very much, we had no intention of rehoming her and had planned to continue to keep her with us. My sisters Passion had always been horses and Daisy was her pride an joy. The so called reacue and rehabilitate sanctuary that came amd took her was run by a woman named Gemma Vernon. I found that within a few days of them collecting her she was being advertised, they knew nothing about Daisy who had just been torn away from her family and 2 x field mates Merlin an Kipper. I tried to contact them to get her home and was blocked and ignored at every turn, my sisters 10 year old daughter whom loved her mothers horse, who she'd ridden regularly, Daisy was all she had left of her mother...she was completely distraught as was i, my daughter and her youngest son. I found out after that they werent even a registered charity....I We needed and still do need to know shes ok and what has happened, she was a gentle giant who was wary of new people and could be a little green around heavy fast moving traffic. Daisy was taken whilst she had been on rest following a accident not 10 months before this which had resulted in her ending up on her back ontop of my sister (who fractured multiple vertebrae) despite the accident both were doing well Nd keen to get back out, my 15yr old daughter used to ride out with her aunty on Daisy and had planned to ride her to prom the following year. We have her passport but it was one of the older cob society issues, she was bred locally to us in Banwell, Somerset...her mother was Maggie and her father was Bozo, breeder was Amanda Durbin. Please if you know where she is, how she is, anything at all please please let us know. Its been so long but we never stop thinking about her.
Uploaded By Led85
Registered Name Morwenna
Stable Yard Or Name Daisy
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 2022
Freeze Mark N/A
Distinct Markings Solid black head stops short around the ear and cheek one side then long down her neck to chest the other. Small white star on forehead. Also gets Ergots deep ynder her fetlocks
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 15
Breed Cob
Horse Colour Piebald
Last Known Location Yorkshire, England