Jazz Jazz

Jazzy jack

*PLEASE SHARE* To my boy that I always said I'd bring back home one day but unfortunately lost trace of him! Could I ask everyone and anyone (horsey person or not) to please share this and hope that ill find some sort of path to him. My boy is called Jazz (Jazzy Jack) Bay welsh gelding with 3 little white socks, I got jazz just after being broken approx 3-4 year old, so I'm Guessing he must be early 20's now, the best way to know jazz is he could have jumped the moon and was insanely fast against the clock, no way of stopping my little devil :-) another little thing he had (might be away now) but he always had a little lump on the left of his mouth on his upper lip (sometimes looked like a bee sting) the day I sold him was the day i told him I'll bring you back some day and nothing would make me more happier than sticking to my promise and bringing back my baby or even just to be able to see him even if its a photo so that i know hes okay, he might have been a lot of blood sweat and tears but he'll always be my jazzism's :) miss him everyday <3 thanks to everyone who shares or likes this to try and get the word about, I really really appreciate it, thanks again :) x
Uploaded By S25ton
Registered Name Jazzy jack
Stable Yard Or Name Jazz
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 1998
Freeze Mark N/a
Distinct Markings 3 white socks Star White snip on nose
Gender Gelding
Approx Height In HH 138
Breed Welsh
Horse Colour Bay
Last Known Location Scotland