Mr Darcy Mr Darcy
Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy

I had Darcy with me for a while. He is such a gent. I sadly had to send him away for a while while I navigated a divorce. I’ve never seen him again. It breaks my heart. I got him from a lovely lady called Julia. She stabled him at Castle Hill in North Devon. He lived with us just down the road at South Aller, Filleigh. Originally he was a 3 day eventer. He has a problem in his quarters due to a freak accident in a horse lorry of a nail piercing his hoof. He ended up with an infection in his withers which means he will still be lame at points and needs ongoing treatment. I think he may be around 15 now. As he had to travel with his passport I don’t have any recollection to what was on it. I wish I’d been more savvy but was going through too much at the time. He has beautiful dark grey dapples. At 16’3, he is a charismatic and charming horse who commands respect just through his very being. A big chap, he is also very handsome and very kind. I’d love to find him. Any information will be so gratefully received. I still have his leather head collar with the brass name tag.
Uploaded By letta gardner
Registered Name Mr Darcy
Stable Yard Or Name Mr Darcy
Date Of Foaling 25 February, 2021
Freeze Mark N/A
Distinct Markings Dappled quarters
Gender Gelding
Approx Height In HH 16
Breed Irish sports horse
Horse Colour Grey
Last Known Location Norfolk