Trampy Trampy


Sold after 10yrs ownership due to new family coming along and work/time commitments. Was our friend and baby so selling was heartbreaking decision. Sold three and a half years ago to a lovely family in Somerset who kindly offered him back to us after a year of having him before they sold him on (2019). Would love to know where he is, what he is doing or any info good or bad.
Uploaded By Tramp
Registered Name Trampass
Stable Yard Or Name Trampy
Date Of Foaling 10 May, 2003
Freeze Mark N/A
Distinct Markings Evenly marked both sides. Long stripe down nose. 'Divit' or hollow to central forehead.Prophets thumb print to right shoulder. Stripey hooves.
Gender Gelding
Approx Height In HH 16
Breed Irish sport horse cross
Horse Colour Skewbald
Last Known Location Somerset