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I had to sell Mystico when my Husband left me and 4 children. After a year of battling to keep everything paid i finally had to let my Boy go. I sold him to a Lady who was in the Army, She paid for him in instalments. I put her under contract that if he was ever to be sold i would want him back (i didn't want to let him go!) She was posted to Germany and put Mystico on loan. In 2014 The Spanish passport company contacted me as someone was making enquires about him and his passport was STILL in my name, He was lame at the time and she had discovered the owner did not have him insured. I made brief contact but very quickly the lady I sold him too locked me out when she found out i was in contact with the Loanee and i was told was removing him from the person who had him on loan. I don't know if he ever became sound, i dont know if he is still safe, or in surrey or has been dragged else where. All i want to know is he is OK and one day I would love for him to come back home as per the contract i had in place! His freezemark was my initials at the time PLT7 (the 7 was suppose to be my lucky number) Its on his Left side under Saddle.
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Registered Name Mystico
Stable Yard Or Name Mystico
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 2005
Freeze Mark PLT7
Distinct Markings PLT7, Scars on Noses
Gender Gelding
Approx Height In HH 15
Breed Andalusian
Horse Colour Dapple Grey
Last Known Location Surrey