Honey Honey


I have sadly lost contact with the last known owner of my childhood pony. Honey is a 14.2hh Haflinger mare and will now be around 16 years of age. Honey was a fab all round mare and was stabled with me in Lincolnshire a few years back. I would love to find out where Honey is and how she is getting along. If you believe you recognise the horse in the photo and have any information on her at all, I would really appreciate you letting me know.
Uploaded By hannahmcevoyx
Registered Name Honey
Stable Yard Or Name Honey
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 2004
Freeze Mark N/A
Distinct Markings Star and broken stripe on face
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 14
Breed Haflinger
Horse Colour Golden chestnut
Last Known Location Lincolnshire