Pride Pride

Maddie’s Pride

I’m on a mission to try and track down a precious horse that was bred with love but was sold due to unfortunate circumstances. The horses nickname is ‘Pride’ but her registered name is ‘Maddie’s Pride’. She was born is May 2006. She was sold in March 2008 to someone in Derbyshire. She was then sold on from there and we’ve lost track of her. She is black with a white star and looks as if she has been crossed with a Friesan and now full grown should be about 14.2 to 15hh. She was freezemarked - PR1D. Please if anyone knows anything at all could you please comment or pm me. It’s a long shot but the breeder is desperate to find her. We lost Pride’s mother and it would mean the world to find her and see how she is doing. Really hope we can find a lead. Much appreciated
Uploaded By s.taylor95
Registered Name Maddie’s Pride
Stable Yard Or Name Pride
Date Of Foaling 01 May, 2006
Freeze Mark PR1D
Distinct Markings Star
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 14
Breed Cob x
Horse Colour Black
Last Known Location Derbyshire