Malibu Malibu

searching for

Searching desperately for my old best friend and the best pony in the world! I was forced to leave him after a series of unfortunate events and now I am desperate to find him. Please help Height:12.2hh Current age: 28 Colour and markings: liver chestnut, 3 stockings, 1 sock, white face, dorsal stripe 2002-2006: located in Worcestershire 2007: believed to have moved to South Wales. Now: he could be anywhere! General information: He was a riding school pony, quite stubborn, but a very good child's first pony... he could be anywhere!
Uploaded By edgyb123
Registered Name searching for
Stable Yard Or Name Malibu
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 1992
Freeze Mark n/a
Distinct Markings 3 stockings, 1 sock, white face, dorsal stripe
Gender Gelding
Approx Height In HH 12
Breed Welsh cross
Horse Colour Liver chestnut
Last Known Location Worcestershire