Darcy Darcy


I owned Darcy from 2012-2016, as a team we both overcome so much together. When we first bought darcy she was a nervous wreck and did not trust people at all. At the time i was 11 years old so it was quite a struggle to help her gain trust with people again and she was very very on edge all the time, was always weaving in her stable, could not hack out, charged at you when you went to get her in from the field. Over the years we connected in a way that i will never be able to get again, i used to sit in the field for hours with her just understanding her. Over time all those issues that i have mentioned (and many more) disappeared ... I even got her out hacking on her own! I never hit her or hurt her, i simply bonded with her and used my voice. We sold her to a lady called Abi Aeon in kingston-upon-thames. However, a couple years later Darcy was sold on to a lady called Kim Austin in Surrey (Reigate). I never found out where she had gone and after recently doing my research I have found out that from other people who have had dealing with Kim that she does tend to sell horses on quite quickly. I just want to know my baby is okay! She was my life for 4 years and she really was my best friend , I will never be able to get those years back but I will always remember them and cherish them... I was very lucky to have met a horse like Darcy and I feel honoured that I was the one who helped her trust people, I'm just really scared that some people may have ruined her trust again :(
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Registered Name Dolly
Stable Yard Or Name Darcy
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 1998
Freeze Mark n/a
Distinct Markings She has a face marking which slightly is more towards the right side of her face and a small white patch on the back of her rear left hoof.
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 15
Breed Dutch Warmblood
Horse Colour Dark Bay
Last Known Location Surrey