Papa Papa

Papa caruso

He was my horse for 5 years after coming out of racing, due to a break up and police involment I had to leave my house untill I could obtain a restraining order and move back in r a friend and my ex were supposed to be checking on them he was turned out in field next out house house, in between this time my ex found his passport and gave him and another companion horse called Princess and I've been trying to get him to tell me where he is so this is my last hope this will have been 2 years agon this month I just want to know he is OK xxx
Uploaded By Katyb81
Registered Name Papa caruso
Stable Yard Or Name Papa
Date Of Foaling 10 February, 2004
Freeze Mark No
Distinct Markings Wonky white blaze
Gender Gelding
Approx Height In HH 16
Breed Thoroughbred
Horse Colour Dark bay
Last Known Location Bingley West yorkshire