Rossco Rossco

Gristhills rock de prince welsh sec D

I am searching for the impossible, needle in a hay stack, but I have to try I've had bad dreams since giving my boy up back in 2001! So here goes.... I'm looking for Rossco, as I called him then, I bought him from a lady called glynis blankinsop who used to own the farm I was on at the time. The farm was sungreen farm, millbrook, stalybridge cheshire. She bought him from holmfirth market this was in 1996 round about, he was around 18months old when I bought him, he was a stunning welsh sec D, dark chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. I broke him into ride and drive and loved him dearly he was my life. Then in 2001 I got into a lot of debt and it was either the bailiffs or sell him back to the owner of the farm (for penuts) but I was desperate. She then sold him and wouldn't tell me were he went and its played on my mind for all these years! I'm desperate to find him. His passport name was 'gristhills rock de prince' if I can remember rightly he was around 14'2/3 I know he will be around 23/24 now I just need to know if hes still alive or not just for piece of mind. I did have him freeze branded but cant remember the number. Sorry about the essay I just miss him so much he was my horse of a lifetime with a bond that was so close I've never had it since. Thanks in advance xx
Uploaded By Staceyhc1
Registered Name Gristhills rock de prince welsh sec D
Stable Yard Or Name Rossco
Date Of Foaling 09 April, 1994
Freeze Mark N/A
Distinct Markings Flaxen mane and tail. Slim blaze
Gender Gelding
Approx Height In HH 15
Breed Welsh section D
Horse Colour Dark chestnut
Last Known Location Stalybridge, England