Altiri / Whatever Altiri / Whatever
Altiri / Whatever

Porthall Whatever

Sold by imperial horses to a family, have lost the trail there back in 2014, however this sale may have taken place as early as 2013. Had a click from his tendon which vet advised would do no harm. Sensitive mouth, could be fiesty if not ridden softly. Was bred in Porthall co. Donegal by Herby Lusby, last known name on book Trevor Patterson. Any information good or bad wanted on this very special little horse.
Uploaded By FindingWhatever
Registered Name Porthall Whatever
Stable Yard Or Name Altiri / Whatever
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 2005
Freeze Mark N/a
Distinct Markings Spots on hind, shoulders, neck and ears, white to black tail, white/black/grey mane, dark round muzzle and eyes, black wispy feathers on all four feet
Gender Gelding
Approx Height In HH 15
Breed Appaloosa
Horse Colour Few Spot Appaloosa
Last Known Location Peterborough