Beauty Beauty


Beauty went on loan 4th march 2017, I then had a phone call to say she had been put to sleep I have since found out this is not true. I believe she has lied so they lady could keep her or has since been sold on and possibly had her name changed. If she has been sold and in the perfect home that's fine, I know just need to know what happened to my girl. I can't remember her date of birth but pretty sure she was foaled in 1996.
Uploaded By JADE1993
Registered Name Gurty
Stable Yard Or Name Beauty
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 1996
Freeze Mark N/A
Distinct Markings White star, scar type mark on ( I think ) back left leg, brown stain on front tooth.
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 163
Breed Unknown, I've always assumed she has freason and another heavy breed if not a mixture.
Horse Colour Dark bay/ black
Last Known Location Looe, cornwall