Bruce or Brucey Bruce or Brucey
Bruce or Brucey


Currently trying to search for bruce/brucey He was a 14hh chunky black and white gelding. He was a ride and drive and I sold him around 2016/2017 and he was around 7/8 when I sold him. He was sold to someone in York and then sold on to someone who was planning on taking him to France. He didn’t like tractors and would bolt, he hated being clipped and needed sedating if you wanted to clip him. If he was stood bored In a stable or tied up he would stamp his feet and also stamp them if a fly touched him or anything was anything him (saddle not sitting right etc). He would load with no issues at all. He does hack alone but needs encouragement. He is the most laid back cob and anyone could ride him he was very wide. He still had ringlets in his tail and his tail was always thick and bushy. Any information is much appreciated as he is massively missed and he was a massive part of my life.
Uploaded By oliviagrecian
Registered Name Bruce
Stable Yard Or Name Bruce or Brucey
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 2010
Freeze Mark NA
Distinct Markings NA
Gender Gelding
Approx Height In HH 14
Breed Cob
Horse Colour Black and White
Last Known Location United Kingdom