Lady (Name could’ve been changed) Lady (Name could’ve been changed)
Lady (Name could’ve been changed)

Helsington Dainty Lady

I bought Lady aged 4 from a Stud Yard in the Kendal area in early 2016. She bought straight from the field where she had lived wild in a herd. She was unbroken at the time and needed a lot of work. She came a long way in the short time I owned her and by the time it came for her to leave she was lightly backed and riding away. Due to college commitments I had the difficult decision of selling Lady in (I think) late August/September of 2016. She was reluctantly sold on to a dealer known in Cumbria who also had connections in Ireland and we then lost touch. I have no idea where she ended up or where she possibly could be now. I’d love to find out some information on where she is or what she’s doing and hopefully be re-united. I think she should be around 7/8 now.
Uploaded By ZoeFlit98
Registered Name Helsington Dainty Lady
Stable Yard Or Name Lady (Name could’ve been changed)
Date Of Foaling 02 January, 2012
Freeze Mark N/A
Distinct Markings White Blaze 2 White Socks on Hind Legs
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 12
Breed Welsh Section A/B
Horse Colour Chestnut
Last Known Location Cumbria