Maxwell Maxwell


This is a long shot but I may as well try - my friend looked after a black horse named Maxwell for a couple, he was over 17hh with one white back foot - he was the closest horse to black beauty ive ever seen - however Maxwell was sold before my friend got to say goodbye despite her being given first refusal before he was sold - she was absolutely devastated, we were told he was sold to a dealer down south but thats all the information we got, she wouldnt necessarily want to buy him back if he was happy more to see if he was happy and healthy and where he was located - if anyone knows anything regardless of how small please do get in contact it would mean the world to her - please contact me Alex on either 07917136591 or
Uploaded By 4lex8ull26
Registered Name Maxwell
Stable Yard Or Name Maxwell
Date Of Foaling 18 February, 2010
Freeze Mark N/A
Distinct Markings Has one back white foot - did have an injury on one of his legs other than that he is completely black
Gender Gelding
Approx Height In HH 17
Breed mixbred
Horse Colour Black
Last Known Location dudley - sold down south