Willow (may have been changed) Willow (may have been changed)
Willow (may have been changed)

Fly over

Looking to find past information on my new horse willow, I got willow in June 2018 from a girl in Inverness Scotland, who going by dates on her passport didn’t have her long and didn’t have much to say about her when I bought her. She was known to have been in Lanarkshire before that. Willow is 6 years old and grey colour with some flea bitten marks to face and body. Willow has a pink flesh mark on her nose between the nostrils. She didn’t have a name when she came to me so her name was obviously changed
Uploaded By Tashax
Registered Name Fly over
Stable Yard Or Name Willow (may have been changed)
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 2013
Freeze Mark No
Distinct Markings Flesh mark on nose
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 14
Breed Unknow Connemara x (maybe)
Horse Colour Grey
Last Known Location Lanarkshire