Lily Lily

Tiger lily

Looking for my old horse Bit of a long shot really had this mare as a foal on raised her myself as her dam didn't make it and we couldn't find a foster mare, she was expected to make about 14.2/3, 2 white socks on hind legs and one on the front as well as a white star. She'll be about 15/16 years old. She was a real black beauty!! (Sold with the name Lilly however this may have been changed by now) sold her to someone in the west midlands no information after this (this would've been in 2004) I believe she could have then been sold on to someone in the Dorset area but I'm unsure about this information! I'd just love to know how she's getting on now, I regretted selling her ever since she left! I'm desperately looking through my photos to find some of her but no luck yet 😢 UPDATE!! Photo is from when she was at her second possibly third home after she left me. She would have been about 11 here. But was only here for around 3 years and then sold on. If you recognise her please contact me! Any news is appreciated!!
Uploaded By scarlettmiles
Registered Name Tiger lily
Stable Yard Or Name Lily
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 2002
Freeze Mark
Distinct Markings White star, socks on both hind legs and white coronet on front left
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 14
Horse Colour Black
Last Known Location Dorset