Storm (snout) Storm (snout)
Storm (snout)

Gypsy vanner cob

I looked after her and her mum for many years but her mum passed when she was only 2 weeks old. Her owner sold her and 12 others to a breeder. I spent 2 years looking and found pics but she was then seezed with 45 others by rspca in 2013. Ive had no trace since. Ive spent the last 5 years desperatly looking. I just want to know if she is ok and not one of the 100 put to sleep
Uploaded By Loz
Registered Name Gypsy vanner cob
Stable Yard Or Name Storm (snout)
Date Of Foaling 15 April, 2011
Freeze Mark N/A
Distinct Markings A line cutting across the top right corner of her nlazr
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 10
Breed Gypsy Vanner
Horse Colour Skewbald
Last Known Location Alton