Quinni / Ava Quinni / Ava
Quinni / Ava

Queen Avalon

This horse was a nervous wreck when I bought her,after two years of lots of love and patience she turned out to be an amazing lady,unfortunately due to my health I had to make the hardest decision to sell her. The person who bought her promised she had a home for life.....that wasn't to be,she sent her to melton Mowbray sales this February 2017. I've tried everything to track her down with no luck. Just want to no she's happy and loved. Many thanks
Uploaded By Joules
Registered Name Queen Avalon
Stable Yard Or Name Quinni / Ava
Date Of Foaling 21 January, 2009
Freeze Mark N/A
Distinct Markings N/A
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 16
Breed Thoroughbred
Horse Colour Bay
Last Known Location Lincoln