Rolo Rolo


Hey everyone. I first started searching in 2014 and am still desperately searching for Rolo. This is such a long shot, but I'd love to find out about an old pony of mine. We sold her approx 13 years ago, she was a five year old back then. Her name was Rolo & she was about 14.2. She was a dark bay, had a white blaze which spread up as like a splash on the left of her mouth/cheek area, 2 white stockings on her back legs & had a white splash on her belly. All I can remember is my parents sold her to a man who was chorley way. I'd love to find her & know how she's doing. Sadly I don't have many uploaded pictures of her, and as I said, it's a long shot but thought it's worth a shot at least. I would be incredibly grateful to anyone who could help me & I will be offering a reward if anyone can actually locate her & put me in touch with her owner. Thank you for looking x
Uploaded By zozej
Registered Name Rolo
Stable Yard Or Name Rolo
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 1999
Freeze Mark
Distinct Markings White blaze which "splashes" on to left cheek. 2 white stockings on back legs. White "splash" on belly.
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 14
Breed Cob
Horse Colour Dark Bay
Last Known Location Chorley, Lancashire