Frankie Frankie


I'm searching for my old pony Frankie she wasn't a registered Welsh but was clearly a Welsh section C! I sold frankie to a family in the Henley in Arden area to be brought on more and further her education she was sold on and her name changed to pippa and was now a jumping pony, and this is the last I know of her. I'm not 100% sure on her age so thinking she is around 13/14 years old now. She was a lovely little pony and means a lot to me and my family any information on her would be great I'd love to know where she is now and what she's up to!!
Uploaded By Meglkp
Registered Name Frankie
Stable Yard Or Name Frankie
Date Of Foaling 01 January, 2003
Freeze Mark
Distinct Markings White stripe on nose
Gender Mare
Approx Height In HH 13
Breed Welsh cross
Horse Colour Grey
Last Known Location Warwickshire